Sunday, May 26, 2013

2 MORE Blules lessons for ya



From: Marty Schwartz []
Sent: Sunday, May 26, 2013 7:00 PM
Subject: Just went live: 2 MORE Blules lessons for ya


Hey whazzup, Marty here.

A few days ago I sent you links to some great
new blues video lessons, courtesy of some of
my favorite teachers.

If you missed them, you can see them here.

And today I have two MORE for you — suh-weet!

Go watch these and leave a comment
underneath them:

NEW Free Blues Lesson:
Texas Blues guitar lesson
inspired by Billy Gibbons

=> Watch this video now

.... in which you'll learn how to get a shuffle feel
going over a backing track.  Also: How to use
some some cool devices to "fill out" your sound
(which is really fun), along with using open
strings against your chord progressions.

NEW Free Blues Lesson:
Blues rock soloing lesson
int he style of Slash

=> Watch this video now

... Why you should watch: Well, um, it's inspired by
Slash, do you need another reason??   'Nuff said.
Go watch it now.


NOTE: Some of you are noting that the lessons
seem "advanced." 

Please know that it's true that this material is NOT
for someone who just picked up a guitar last week.

I mean, if you're still learning your first few chords,
then great — keep at it and it won't be long before
you'll be hungry for this type of intermediate lesson.

But for the rest of you not-so-raw beginners or
intermediate players?  Go check out these lessons
because these are the types of devices and
techniques that will get you to that next level, fast.

Plus, this is also the type of blues instruction that is
really hard to find elsewhere.  I say that because
this is the stuff that takes the best of all the
killer modern-day innovations as applied to the
old-school blues we dig so much. 

Anyway, put 'em to good use and keep playing!


P.S. Remember, there are now FOUR new blues
lessons posted live, not just two.  These have never
been released before and will not remain up
indefinitely, so go check 'em out while they're still

Blues lesson 1 Joe Bonamassa
Blues lesson 2 Stevie Ray Vaughan
Blues lesson 3 Texas Blues Billy Gibbons
Blues lesson 4 Slash

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