Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The suicide of the Third Jjihad -Suicide de la Troisieme Jihad.

Mr Tarik Ramadan, whose father founded the " Muslim Brotherhood " in Egypt complains again about the French Socialist government. President Holland, according to Ramadan, doesn't denounce the Ministry of Defense in Jerusalem and how Jerusalem reacts to the Third Jihad coming from the Hamas i.d. the Iranian missiles falling down on Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews.
Is it not clear that President Holland sent his elite units , the Paratroopers and the Foreign Legion to fight the same Third Jihad  that Israel is fighting in Gaza ? And that President Holland prefers not to follow Laurent Fabius,minister of Foreign Affairs, a Jew who converted to Catholicism and thinks he has the right to betray Israel.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan believe in the First Jihad and are satisfied that there are 57 Muslim countries members of the Islamic Mundial Organization. Some Muslims call Egypt Saudi Arabia Qatar and Jordan " Zionist Regimes"  But for the Jews and the Christians, it is a normal process of the Messianic Age. According to the Book of the Prophets here are the  signs of the Messianic Age.First the prosperity of Israel, thanks to God, and the Jews coming back to the Promised Land.
Then you have " Kibbuts Hagaluyot", the fact that in front of the 6.000.000 Jews exterminated by the Nazis and the Europeans we can see the resurrection of the Jewish people, the fact that 6.000.000 Jews are living now in Israel , and this is exactly the Prophecy of Yehezkiel.
The Babylonian Talmud in the tractate Brachot told us that another condition is  " Shiabut Malhuyot" or the end of all the Imperialisms. In 1973, the Chief Rabbi of Israel and Chief Rabbi of Tsahal during the 6 days war made a very Messianic Ruling. The people of Israel can drink 5 cups instead of 4, because the Geulah has begun, i.d. the five exiles are finished, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome and Islam. Since all the territories occupied by Islam were liberated, Jerusalem West Bank and the Golan ( mentioned in Psalm 52 , the Hermon)  we can see the victory of Israel on Ishmael.

Now what about the Third Jihad, of the false prophet Khomeiny ? They want all the 188 countries of the world to submit to Islam and the Shariah.
Israel has the duty to educate the Islamic masses, to say that the Hizbollah is the party of Satan The Emperor Hadrien wanted to erase the name of Judea, the name of the Jews, and he created a new province called SYRIA PALESTINA. Nowadays the people of Palestine and the the people of Syria are CURSED. It is written in the Quran that when the Messiah will come there will be a big war in Syria. It is written in the surra 5 of the Quran " Jews, Jews, you are a people of Kings and Prophets, you have the obligation to live in the Holy Land, the Land of Israel.in fot another people will take it "
Any Muslim who proclaim the third Jihad on is cused by the Quran

Rav David Orbacg ( RN)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Les qualités de la boxe thailandaise

Les avantages de la boxe thai

Lire et préparer pour la leçon prochaine



 pratiques martiales ancestrales

détermination, la volonté

 souplesse musculaire

marché lucratif

 sport de voyou


Pourquoi la boxe Thai est elle plus populaire que la boxe vietnamienne, kmere, etc ?

Quelles sont les capacités à avoir pour  pratiquer la boxe thai à un haut niveau ?

La boxe thai est elle un sport de voyou ?

Où se trouvent les deux grands stades de boxe Thai ? Qui les gèrent ?

Comment se déroule un match de boxe Thai ?

Obama accuse Netanyahou

Obama accuse Netanyahou de vouloir prévenir la guerre nucléaire

Lis cet article pour se préparer à en parler avec le prof de français




sans précédent"

 a abordé

la colère 

 les tensions  sont demeurées élevées 


Pourquoi y a t il des tensions entre >Obama et Netanyahou ?

Pourquoi y a t il de l'opposition de la part de Netanyahou ?

Comment Obama esquive la question du journaliste Zakaria ?

Quel est votre opinion ?