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·         Un texte talmudique (Taanit 26b) qui, aujourd'hui, peut nous paraître doublement étrange nous l'enseigne : au temps du Temple, il n'y avait pas de plus grandes fêtes que Yom Kippour et le 15 Av.
Jours de joie pure liés par deux évènements comparables et infiniment heureux. Yom Kippour, on le sait, est l'anniversaire du jour où D.ieu pardonna aux enfants d'Israël la faute du veau d'or. Le 15 Av, D.ieu pardonna de même la faute des explorateurs.
D'autres évènements heureux survinrent certes un 15 Av mais celui-là, sans doute, est sans égal : pour avoir ajouté foi au récit des explorateurs qui prétendaient impossible l'installation en Terre Promise, les hommes de la génération de la Sortie d'Egypte avaient été condamnés à errer dans le désert. Chaque année, le 9 Av, un certain nombre d'entre eux mourraient. La quarantième année, rien n'advint le 9 Av. Mais on doutait de la date. Quand cependant, le 15 Av, la pleine lune apparut, on sut avec certitude que la date fatidique était dépassée, que les survivants avaient été "séparés pour la vie". D.ieu, là encore, avait pardonné.

Pour comprendre l'intensité de la joie qui éclatait le 15 av, il faut rappeler deux cérémonies qui avaient lieu en ce jour. La première : la coupe du bois pour l'Autel du Temple prenait fin le 15 Av. Pour fêter l'accomplissement de cette tâche sacrée, banquets et réjouissances étaient organisés.

La seconde cérémonie voyait les jeunes filles, vêtues d'une simple robe blanche, sortir dans les vignobles et y danser les plus joyeuses des rondes. Les jeunes gens les observaient à distance, chacun espérant reconnaître celle qui, si elle y consentait, deviendrait son épouse.

Pour nous, le temps du 15 Av reste profondément imprégné de cette joie. Après les jours sombres, le goût de cendres que nous laisse le souvenir de la destruction du Temple, le 15 Av vient nous confirmer que de l'obscurité même peut jaillir une puissante lumière. Une fois encore, notre calendrier est bien plus qu'un instrument : un enseignement.
Bien entendu, on ne récite pas les prières de pénitence (ta'hanoun), le 15 Av non plus que la veille à l'office de l'après-midi. More

15 Av : Le jour de la joie pure

Loubavitch Habad dans le monde חסידות.אורג









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In mid-June, 2013, the Israeli President Shimon Peres, threw himself a lavish tax-payer funded birthday bash. In the midst of the festivities, the Rabbi he effectively murdered, Uzi Meshulum, passed away. To him I say, Zichron L'Brecha, Rest In Peace. For a time, I knew him quite well: 

In 1995, my revelations about the Rabin murder had made headlines in Israel and the leaders of the Yemenite Children's movement asked me to investigate their cause. Their movement's leader, Rabbi Uzi Meshulum was arrested and they feared for his life.
           Who could blame them? Meshulum's arrest had already caused one murder. To get the rabbi into prison, the Israeli authorities surrounded his home and placed him and several dozen of his congregants under siege. Nearly 2000 police and Shabak officers arrived at his home in Yehud and they were backed up by helicopters and dogs. But it was the snipers who were assigned to wipe out the rabbi, his family and his congregation.
            One unarmed congregant, Shlomi Asoulin was shot by a sniper. He was taken to police lines where he was allowed to bleed to death. Then Rabbi Meshulum's house was shot up. I counted fifty bullet holes in his living room walls and then stopped. I got the message. The state tried to mass-execute him, his wife, children and young followers.
            In 1996, Rabbi Meshulum asked to meet me. I travelled with his wife to Sharon Prison, walked through a maze of sinking corridors until I reached his compound. We shook hands, and he had a powerful grip. We spoke of many things but I wanted to know the big truth from the source: why hadn't he united the kidnapped children with their biological parents? He then blasted the music on his portable tape machine and explained that he didn't have the heart to tell the parents that the majority of their children were dead, murdered in atomic experiments, most shipped first to America in cages. Then he revealed the reason for his repression: the founder of the Israeli atomic research program was Shimon Peres and if the truth came out, he would be exposed for his role in the atrocities.
                     But, give the family credit for a remarkable show. It was Ora who showed me the photos of the cages in which the Yemenite infants were flown to America. And it was she who showed me the scarred bodies of the survivors of the experiments which she claimed took place at the Biological Institute in Ness Tziona.
            In 1998, Rabbi Meshulum was released a vegetable. Depending on who tells it, he was given a lobotomy, or injected with mind-crippling drugs. Either way, he was now a zombi. His campaign for truth was over. 

Earlier this year, Bar Ilan University held a conference on the 4500 missing Yemenite infants. If your server picks up Hebrew, read the minutes of the conference. If not, or possibly you don't even read Hebrew, allow me to translate: "The featured speaker, Dr. Dov Levitan, will expose the efforts of President Shimon Peres to prevent an official investigation of the Yemenite children issue." Of course he did. He didn't want to be unveiled as a mass murderer of innocent Jewish children.

    The Ringworm Children -  Watch the film at if you don't, won't, or can't believe me. To get American nuclear technology, the chairman of Israel's Atomic Energy Commission in the early '50s, Shimon Peres, concocted an atrocity where every single Sephardic child, 115,000 in total, had his brain blasted with massive amounts of x-rays just to gauge the effect. 6,000 died within a year, thousands were crippled for the rest of their lives.

     Now imagine you're a Jew from the Middle East who hasn't even heard of Labor Zionism. Suddenly your country persecutes Jews and it's too dangerous to stay there anymore. But for some reason, your leader allows Israeli planes to land in his country to take you away to the foreign nation of Israel. Why did he? Perhaps because he seized all your assets with impunity. That was the bargain made with the devil. When you disembarked without Hebrew your new Jewish leaders took advantage of your lack of worldliness by kidnapping your babies and telling you, too bad they died. Tough luck darkie.
     But at least, you're alive. Crippled, disabled but alive. But that's better than Europe's Jews suffered at the connivances of Labor Zionism. They're mostly dead:

       Look what the head of Labor Zionists and thus world Jewry, Chaim Weizmann, said before the Holocaust began:
"I told the British Royal Commission, Weizmann is quoted (on pages 19-20) by Hecht as telling the Zionist Congress in 1937,
that the hopes of Europe's six million Jews were centered on emigration. I was asked "Can you bring six million Jews to Palestine?" I replied, "No" ... The old ones will pass... they were dust, economic and moral dust in a cruel world...
Or, so sorry. Only those Jews who disembark in Palestine get to survive. The other 6 million, they're of no use to us and thus are "dust."

  In 1933, while Jabotinsky led a worldwide economic boycott of Nazi
Germany, Ben Gurion sent his buddy Arlozoroff to Germany to broker a deal
known as The Transfer Agreement. ( from Edwin Black's book by the same title).
Before 1933, maybe 2% of German Jews were Zionist. From 1934 the only legal German Jewish organization was Labor Zionism. They had camps to train lawyers, doctors, professors et al to be farmers. Then the new blue-eyed seed stock Jews were shipped to kibbutzim in Israel for a life of hedonism, soldiering and fun in the sun. 80,000 made it out before the borders of Palestine were closed and the Holocaust began in efficient earnest.
      Israel is founded on myths and legends. Without the curse of Israel the Sephardim would not have been uprooted and their children used as lab rats. The Ashkenazim could have effectively fought Naziism, the Holocaust could have been resisted or even stopped. What has to be understood, no matter how it flies in the face of your reality, is that Israel's Labor Zionist founders, Weizmann, Ben Gurion, Dayan, Golda Meir, Peres, all of them, were ANTI RELIGIOUS thugs. They intended to wipe out the Jewish religion and start a new Judaism, but they failed. The Oslo "Peace" Accord was just another in a long hit list against religious Judaism. And as damaging as it was, Israel has adopted traditional Judaism and clearly rejected the Labor Zionist "dream."

Barry Chamish