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University of Brussels, Law and Philosophy

Ministry of Health, Registered Nurse ( RN )

Institute Dalcroze of Musicotherapy

Royal Academy of Music, medal of the Belgian Government in classical guitar ( first prize )

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mercaz Harav, Machon Meir, Kol Torah, Keter Eliahu.

Father of 5 children, music teacher, journalist, novelist, poet, composer, mohel

Head Nurse in Preventive Medecine ( Public Health Services )

Flamenco in Jerusalem


Jerusalem on the verge of Eternity with Chagal


Can a Muslim be a loyal soldier in the American Army? Terrorists Nidal and Abdo.

Bad enough when Muslim communities oppose Muslim soldiers fighting for Western governments. This can lead to spying, or it can lead to terrorism, as in the cases of Maj. Nidal Hasan's shooting spree at Ft. Hood. Alternatively, it can lead to a filing for conscientious objector status, as in the case of U.S. Army Nasser Jason Abdo, 20, currently stationed at Fort Campbell in Kentucky. 
Pfc. Nasser Abdo, 20, wants out of the military on the grounds that he is a Muslim. 
"A Muslim is not allowed to participate in an Islamicly unjust war. Any Muslim who knows his religion or maybe takes into account what his religion says can find out very clearly why he should not participate in the U.S. military." More explicitly: "I don't believe I can involve myself in an army that wages war against Muslims. I don't believe I could sleep at night if I take part, in any way, in the killing of a Muslim" 
Abdo interviewed by Al-Jazeera on Aug. 21, 2010. 

June 15, 2011 update: The army last month approved Abdo's conscientious objector application. However, his recurring Islamist statements prompted the army to look more closely at Abdo; specifically, the military's criminal investigation division and the Joint Terrorism Task Force investigated Abdo for making anti-American comments in language class. This investigation lead to the discovery of 34 pictures containing child pornography on Abdo's computer. He denies the pornography charge, claiming that the army raised this bogus charge to retaliate against him for winning the conscientious objector status, noting that both occurred on the same day. 

June 23, 2011 update: Abdo is quoted about the conscientious objector status and child pornography issues in an article by Shaik Zakeer Hussain at IslamPolicy.com, "Nasser Abdo: Victim of America's Pornography obsession" (a curious title for an Islamist publication): 

Nasser Abdo under arrest in Texas. 
July 28, 2011 update: Despite winning conscientious objector status, Abdo appears furious at the military, perhaps because of the child pornography charge: he went AWOL over the July 4 weekend and is now under arrest, according to ABC News, 
after making a purchase at Guns Galore in Killeen, Texas, the same ammunition store where Maj. Nidal Hasan purchased the weapons he allegedly used to gun down 13 people and wound 30 others on Nov. 5, 2009. Abdo, 21, allegedly told law enforcement he was targeting the base to "get even," according to law enforcement documents obtained by ABC News. … 

When he was arrested, Abdo was in possession of large quantities of ammunition, weapons and what appeared to be the makings of a bomb, according to early accounts from law enforcement. He had also apparently purchased an Army uniform with Fort Hood patches from a local surplus store. To get even with a bomb!!! 

Interesting that a soldier who applied for conscientious objector status in 2010, which requires him to oppose war in any form, tries to pull off a terrorist attack in 2011.


David Orbach RN



Orbach plays Flamenco in Jerusalem




Jerusalem on the verge of Eternity with Chagal





Monday, August 1, 2011

The Olympic Games in Jerusalem (joke)

David Orbach, the journalist from Jerusalem


Tous les articles de David Orbach :

Question : Dear responsible for the organization of the Olympic Games in Israel , do you think Israel has a chance to provide security for the Olympic Games, with all the enemies that Israel has ?

Answer:No problems ! We have sent an invitation to the whole world. We have 215 nations who announced that they are going to boycott the Games if they take place in Israel ! This is a big financial advantage..

Q: I don’t understand .

R: Of course. Look at the Olympic Games in London It will cost $ 9.3 billions. The City of London is going to be bankrupt!

For the Olympic Games in Israel we will have only 3 countries :Micronesia . USA and Israel . They are the only countries that vote for us at the United Nations ! The Israelis can sleep in their own house, the Americans can sleep in 3 Hotels, and Micronesia had only 5 athletes. They can sleep in my cousin Avi’s house.

Q: And the installations, the stadium ?

R: Look at the l’amphithéatre in Caesarea . It exists since the time of the Romans. Why should we build a new one ? We can have the swimming competition in the sea. In Israel we don’t lack places for shooting, and my cousin Avi promised to me the ping pong table and the volley ball net.

Q: Your uncle Avi is responsible for everything……

R: Avi is my cousin, not my uncle. And thanks G.od, he has lots of success with the diamonds. He has four bathrooms !!!

Q: What is your budget ?

R: 137.624 shekels and 86 agourot.

You can guess that Micronesia is very excited to get all the bronze medals, because they never won medals at the Olympic Games. Israel will get all the silver, and the USA will have an historic record of gold medals. Except for basketball..

Q: Basketball ?

R: Yes, with all these American Black players who convert to Judaism to play in the Israeli National Team, we have a chance to beat the USA !

Q: Why do you organize the Games in Israel in the Spring ?

R: Because there will be snow on the Hermon to organize the Olympic Games for the winter ! My cousin Avi has a big chalet in the HermonThere will be room for everybody !

For more information and music go to: www.davidorbach.com

Exceptional Flamenco played by David in Jerusalem

Exceptional Flamenco played by David in Jerusalem

Welcome to David Orbach's newsletter from Jerusalem

David is a journalist from Jerusalem . He wrote “ Guide of musicotherapy”, “ From Shanghai to Jerusalem ” , "Islamic sadism and European masochism", "The best of the doctors ”, “ The operations of the CIA”.

He is a mohel (ritual circoncisor), poet, musician, novelist, and Head Nurse in Public Health in Jerusalem . He studied Law, Philosophy, Economics, Nursing and Musicotherapy in Brussels , Belgium . In Jerusalem he learned at the Mercaz Harav, Machon Meir and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. David In 1990, won the medal of the Belgian government in classical guitar. His first disc was “ Orbach plays Bach, Villa-Lobos, Brouwer, Duarte , Duarte and Marcel Dadi. The second disc is “ Flowers from Jerusalem”, the third, after meeting and playing with Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach is “ Batsheva”, and the the fourth,” Messianic Age” . David’s music is on youtube.com/davidorbach. David produces every month the Jerusalem Folk Club, he teaches music and Torah.David is also the adviser of the Likud president in Jerusalem, colonel Michel Ben Amy.