Friday, June 29, 2012

A new movie making fun of Arab dictators, the Dictator, by Sacha Cohen.

After the movie “ The dictator” by Charlie Chaplin, the director Sacha Cohen makes fun of the Arab dictators.

 For instance Ghadafi with his non sense, and his female body guards.

Ahmadinadjad with his obsession for nuclear power and Saddam who eliminates all the people around him including the athletes.


The Arab dictator is forced to come to New York to give democracy to his country. Only after marrying his new wife she tells him she is Jewish. Here is a short trailer, very funny. Yoy can download the movie on the net. I ask an Arab RN what he thinks about making funny movies about Arab dictators. He told me it is good because if you make fun of a dictator in an Arab country , you can lose your head.



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