Tuesday, November 8, 2011





                                              17TH YAHRTZEIT EVENTS - JERUSALEM and WORLD WIDE

                                                             16 CHESHVAN - 12/13 NOVEMBER


***GLOBAL E-LEARNING from the new CARLEBACH CHUMASH on Parshat VaYeira

- download at www.carlebachlegacy.com, click on 'parsha'. we are asking people world wide to learn Reb Shlomo's commentary on the Parsha right before his Yarhziet, to connect to each other and to honor him.

***Saturday night Nov 12th at 8:30pm- ANNUAL R' SHLOMO CARLEBACH YAHRTZEIT CONCERT - Binyanei HaUma ***Sunday afternoon Nov 13th at 2:00pm - ALIYA LaKEVER on Har HaMenuchot (livestream at www.radiofreenachlaot.com)  World wide viewing and listening to the Tefilahs ***Sunday evening Nov 13th at 8:00pm - Azkara  (commemoration) through story and music - YAKAR - HaLamed Hey/Kovshei Katamon ***Sunday evening Nov 13th at 8:30pm - Rav Shlomo Katz Live on www.radiofreenachlaot.com





Israel TV : Jerusalem belongs only to G-D! with Neil Young



Jerusalem et l'Eternel avec Chagal  



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