Thursday, November 24, 2011

Comment j'ai rencontre le Rabbin Carlebach et le Rabbin de Hiroshima

This is first Bruce Brill playing on violin. “Ana Hashem” from Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. For his happy birthday at the Jerusalem Folk Club


During that song I said how I met Rabbi Carlebach at the Israeli Radio Station” Reshet Alef” and also the Rabbi of Hiroshima.. He told us the fascinating story of the Emperor of Japan who had to write in all the history books and all the newspapesr “ Dear citizens you thought I am G,od, but it is a mistake I am not G.od” And the Japanese people who were without G.od, understood that Judaism is the root of all the religions and they asked from the Rabbi of Hiroshima to convert to Judaism. There is also a cute story of my parents who met in the Japanese concentration Camp of  Longwa.






Israel TV : Jerusalem belongs only to G-D! with Neil Young


Jerusalem et l'Eternel avec Chagal


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