Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The Festival Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach will take place in Kiryat Moshe, Thursday Nov 17, from 7,30 PM

Rabbi Chaim Vital 32, Noam School. With the legendary Bruce Brill, violin, banjo. See The Jerusalem Post!

The Orbachs, guitar, clarinet, saxophone.

Avraham Lumbroso, flute, piano jazz.

Beni Dray, drums.

Yossef Taieb, oud, guitar.

Come sing with us the most beautiful songs of Shlomo Carlebach,

Divrei Torah, Rabbi David Levanon. Phone 054.5999228


Our new hit on Israel TV “ Jerusalem belongs only to G-D “


Pink floyd guitarist`s son to stay in jail

I have no sympathy at all, rich kids are not
above the law.
Moreover, the Pinks have organized a boycott of Israel in England. Gilmore gave a anti-Israeli interview on Al Jazirra. Now this is what is happening to a father who teaches to his son to be an anarchist.

When Bob Dylan went to Israel last summer, in Ramat Gan stadium, he succeeded to be very funny by saying “ Is there a boycott of Israel here ?” This is for you our interpretation on Israel TV of the most Jewish song of  Bob Dylan “ Neighborhood bully”. Almost 9’ooo views



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