Thursday, March 29, 2012

Conversation with Tehran.

My wife works as an International English teacher. After being the English teacher of Avner Netanyahu and a Heart Surgery Professor, she teaches by Skype for an Israeli company called Live com.

She teaches for top students from Brazil, France, Japan, Saudi Arabia. Yesterday the director of an High Tech company from Tehran asked to have an English lesson with the English teacher from Jerusalem, my wife. A long conversation of one hour and a half.

I was able to hear most of the conversation with another computer. His message was that nobody in Iran believes anymore in the Islamic revolution in Iran because Islam emanates from a dictatorship. There was some enthusiasm when the crazy Saddam Hussein tried to invade Iran. The ayatollahs sent young boys to explode on the Iraqi mines, but the Iran-Iraq war was a butchery with more than one million victims.

Then the ayatollahs sent the terrorists in Lebanon to kidnap the US diplomats, and it was the Iran Contra. The USA sent weapons to Iran to liberate the US diplomats.

Twice, the ayatollahs exploded Jewish community centers in Buenos Aires. They financed international terrorism.

Everybody in Iran wants to run away from the Islamic revolution and work abroad. Nobody in Iran wants to kill Jews or Israelis. And certainly not with a nuclear war. The ayatollahs must be stopped.


The people of Iran also need to be liberated, like the Hebrew slaves. What do you think about this conversation. We are on the verge of a nuclear war and nobody wants it, except the Ayatollahs?

Our friend from Tehran told us that if he holds the hand of his wife in the street he can get the death penalty or many years in jail. Is that real Islam?


Here is my wife playing music with me on Israeli Television.



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