Friday, January 27, 2012

A new Muslim barbarian wants to give the Muslim women a lesson

This story made me think about the Egyptian soldiers who arrested women and said «  We didn’t rape them. We did a virginity test”. In London, a Muslim raped several Muslim women, sometimes 11 or 15 years old, to teach them it is forbidden for a Muslim women to be alone in the street  during the night, according to Islamic law. Sunny Islam, 23, comes from a very religious Muslim family, and was arrested because he is a danger for the women. He chose young Muslim women and with a knife, chained them up and raped them. The police found him because of his girl friend’s car number when he kidnapped a 11 year old girl in the car and raped her twice in spite of the fact she said she was only 11.

Source : Daily Mail  Bivouac-id.

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