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Jerusalem Hug 2013

June 24, 2013

The Jerusalem Hug promotes peace, freedom and joy to all people in Jerusalem. Focusing on love, respect and unity between all people, participants surround and embrace the ancient walls of the Old City of Jerusalem meditating, singing, dancing and praying for peace and compassion for all humankind.

 The Jerusalem Hug begins with an open space gathering that includes blessings, greetings, listening circles and workshops facilitated by peace activists from around the world. After the gathering, participants proceed to the Damascus Gate, joining people from the various faith, ethnic and cultural communities of Jerusalem, in a “Planetary Dance” ceremony of healing and community renewal. Each participant will be invited to share a dedication for a person/cause/situation that needs healing. This personal dedication is a powerful experience 

As the sun begins to set, something exceptional will occur. The “collective body” will begin to encompass and embrace the walls of Jerusalem. Each step, each embrace, each hug, becomes a prayer for healing and peace.When enough people move and embrace together with a common pulse and a common purpose, a profound force can take over 

After the hug, the participants will gather in an ancient moat along the walls of the Old City for an interactive drum circle, sacred chants, crystal bowl meditations and songs for peace.


The Jerusalem Hug is a power that can renew, inspire, teach, forgive and heal. Let Jerusalem be a city of connection, the heart of the world where unity and peace will be a fact.



15:00 Mish'ol HaPninim Garden (Map Coordinates 31.780856,35.228407 Google Maps Link On the grass alongside the Northern Walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, East of the New Gate, West of Damascus gate and South of the Light Rail Tracks.


Greetings and Workshops

·  Smadar Efrat Yaish ( - Breath For Peace: Experiencing and embodying inner and outer peace, clearing old energies and becoming open to love and compassion.

·  Seiighiro Nakagoe - Attainment of enlightenment, expression, insight, understanding and prosocial interaction.

·  Jeff Goldstein ( Energy Ball for Peace: Giving Hope and Blessing to the Middle East

·  Maestro Constantino ( – Open Heart Healing Circle: Cultivating personal healing and love to humanity with respect and humility.

·  Kerstin Rikardson ( - Oneness Meditation and Oneness Blessing (Deeksha): Awakening to the magic and beauty of life.

·  White Eagle Medicine Woman (Suraj Holzwarth) ( - Heart Transformation: Cultivating vision, creativity, and determination


17:30 Damascus Gate Plaza (Map Coordinates 31.782055,35.230298 Google Maps Link Staircase and Plaza between Sultan Suleiman Street to the North and Damascus Gate to the South.

·  Haj Ibrahim Abu-el Hawa (; Abuna Moshe, Priest of Saint Mark's Syrian Orthodox Church; Sheik Mohammed Usta, Sheik Emeritus of Nabi Musa (; Shaul Youdkevitch, Director of the Universal Kabbalah Communities (; Robert Schrama, Dutch Peace Activist (; Seiighiro Nakagoe, Japanese Spiritual Leader; Rodef Shalom Eliyahu McLean (; Rabbi Dr. Yakov Nagen (Genack), Rosh Kollel of Yeshivat Otniel (; Maestro Constantino ( ); Yechezkel Nagar, Dean of the Michael Center ( and  the family of the late Rabbi Menachem Froman - Greetings by the leaders of the Faith and Cultural Communities of Jerusalem


·  Taleb el Hariiti, Rinah Sheleff, Eyal Davidov, Eva Lindberg and Ronit Shefi, and Aliza Zisman ( - Planetary Dance Ceremony of Healing and Community Renewal: Sharing intentions for the Hug - Personal Dedications for Persons/Causes/Situations that need healing.


18:30: Damascus Gate Plaza moving westward towards the New Gate

The Hug: Surrounding and embracing the ancient walls of the Old City of Jerusalem meditating, singing, dancing and praying for peace and compassion for all humankind.


19:45 Carob Gardens Moat (Map Coordinates 31.778991,35.225741 Google Maps Link Moat in the National Park Gardens, south of the Light Rail tracks (Kikar Zahal) and north of the Northwestern Corner of the Walls of the Old City.

·  Eyal Davidov and the King David Peace Drummers ( - Collective Beat For Peace: Interactive Djembe Drum Circle

·  Shimon Lev Tahor, Haim Parag and the Healing Music Circle ( Sacred Chants for Compassion and Peace

·  Lijah and the Firecats ( - Peace Train: Songs for tolerance and co-existence that serve as a cultural bridge uniting people of all faiths.

·  Ronit Shefi ( - We are One: Songs for Unity, Love and Compassion

·  Smadar Waisman & Michael Fidelman ( - Raising the Frequency: Meditative Chants with Crystal Bowls

To learn more about the Jerusalem Hug

Facebook group: JerusalemHug



Haj Ibrahim Abu El Hawa

(972) 52-220-1631


Robert Schrama

(972) 52-4631067

(31) 64-6608660

Eliyahu McLean

(972) 58-7578522



Light rail train to Damascus Gate Station


Videos from past Hugs


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