Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Future

Ministry of Health

Kehati 15

95465 Jerusalem                       1. Renew the Brit Kodesh, historic alliance of the Lkud with the 3 religious parties

                                                2. We should help Rahm Immanuel Orbach to be President of the USA


1. Since I am the Rabbi of the Likud I got the order from my friend Michel Benami, President of the Likud in Jerusalem, to meet with him the Arabs and the Druzes of Kadima. The purpose was to convince them to vote for Mofaz in the Primaries and not for Livni. It was a brilliant move from your side, because Kadima exploded from within, Shaul got only 2 MK instead of 28 MK, and Livni continued the same mistake, baseless hatred against the Jews, the Religious, the Chareidim, Chassidim and the Settlers.

What you can do with Mofaz and Livni if you want to keep them in the government is to do the same maneuver that the President Mitterrand did with the French Communist party. First Mitterrand accepted the French Communists in his government and then when the Communist began to exaggerate, Mitterrand kicked out from his government the 4 Communist Ministers. And it caused a considerable to the Communist Party in the next elections in France.

About the Settlers , Prime Minister Menachem Begin, was the first to emphasize that according to the Laws of wars, part of the International Law, when we win the war we don’t have to give back territories. For example in 1848 there was a war between the USA and Mexico, the US army took control of the capital and most of the Mexican territories. Since the USA won the war, they forced Mexico to give away California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, with  Mexican cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, El Paso. Of course if President Obama is hinting that Israel should give back territories, he should show the good example and give back to Mexico California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas … Like Menachem Begin used to say, the Geneva Convention is good for wounded soldiers and exchanges of prisoners, but doesn’t apply to the Laws of Wars, if not we should say that the USA is composed of 95 % of occupied territories, which is absurd. There are no occupied territories, according to the laws of war. The United Kingdom doesn’t have to give back North Ireland to Ireland, the Falklands to Argentina, Gibraltar to Spain because they won the war.

About Iran, we have the occasion at the Ministry of Health  to meet Iranian doctors in Toronto, Canada. It was an International symposium about prevention and treatment of AIDS. Of course the Iranian people doesn’t want a nuclear war with Israel. When I was working in Hassah Ein Kerem I saw the Holy Work the surgeons and the doctors did by giving free Open Heart Surgery to Arab children. Of course a Peace treaty of Medical Cooperation between Israel, Iran and the USA, who are still at war with Iran, would be a good way to prevent nuclear war .


2. When the former Chief of staff of the White House Rahm Immanuel Orbach came for the Bar Mitzvah of his son in Jerusalem, we noticed that he has the family name Immanuel because of his uncle Immanuel Orbach, who felt for the Sanctification of the Name of God, In Israel during the independence war of 1948.

Since Saudi Arabia financed with millions of dollars Obama’s election and reelection, we asked Rahm Immanuel if he needs help to be a Mayor of Chicago, Senator of the Illinois, and  maybe the first Jewish American President or Vice President.

We can tell you he quit the White House to become the Mayor of Chicago. We just wanted to inform you about Rahm Immanuel Orbach. Of course a Peace Treaty with Iran must be the priority. I never use the word Palestinian because it was invented 3 times. First  with the cruel Emperor Hadrian in 135, who wanted to erase the name of the Jews, and of Judea. He imposed the name Palestina based on the Philistines. Which means that the first “Palestinians” were Jews. Prime Minister Golda Meir Z”L used to show her Palestinian passport from the British, and said “ I am a Palestinian Jew”. According to the archives of the KGB, after the Six Day war, an Egyptian engineer called Yasser Arafat was invited to the Patrice Lubumba University in USSR and was told to grow a barb like Che Guevara and have a military uniform like Che Guevara. This is only by propaganda and financial support of USSR, that the Left invented the new PLO.. According to a study by President Ben Tsvi, most of the Arabs in Israel are descendants of Jews who were forced to convert to Islam in the 7 th century.Shimon Peres and Rabin gave them a Palestinian Authority and not a State because the PLO wanted to bring in Israel tanks, missiles and warplanes.

For the love of Israel


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