Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Israelis were not chased away from Uganda

According to modern medicine, Imin Dada was a psychopath, who suffered from paranoia schizophrenia. He was eating his enemies, was a cannibal, and killed more than a half million of his own citizens. The Israelis run away from Uganda because he was a cannibal, they were not kicked out. Imin Dada wrote many love letters to the Queen of England Elizabeth because he wanted to marry her and become the King of Scotland. One time he came to the Heathrow airport and wanted to force the Queen of England to marry her. It is Imin Dada who was kicked out of power when he lost the war against Tanzania. He went to Jerusalem for medical treatment because he had syphilis stage 4. He converted to Islam and died in Saudi Arabia.
In the Time Magazine s famous article called the Monster from Africa, you can see the Monster's enemies dead bodies kept in a freezer.
It was very easy for him to exterminate his own population. But when confronted with a professional army, like Tsahal in 19776, he was defeated Yonatan Netanyahu ,colonel in the paratropers and brother of Benyamin was killed with a bullet in his back. May the Holy one blessed he be, avenge his blood. Lots of thing would have been different if colonel Netanyahu was still alive.
The airline Air France fired all the pilots and stewardesses who chose to be on the side of the Israelis during the separation between Jews and non- Jews operated by the German terrorists. One of them is played by Klaus Hinsky in the Movie Yonatan.

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