Sunday, November 18, 2012


Yesterday 2 missiles landed on Jerusalem, and two on Tel Aviv. First you hear the siren, like during the bombing of London during WW II. The British Air Force and American Air Force found a quick solution. The Americans bombed Germany during the day and the British bombed Berlin, Dresden during the night, to make sure that the Germans would never sleep. From 1943 till 1945. 
Now here are the directives in case you hear the siren. You have 15 seconds to go to your sealed room. In case you don't have a sealed room in your apartment, you have 30 seconds to go to the public shelter. 
After 45 seconds you don't have a protection and the missile falls down on you. You are dead. But for the children I tell them it is a game. And the important is to be not afraid.

What kind of Nazi education they receive in Gaza? To build missiles instead of learning High Tech? 







17 hours ago

Niccolo Machiavelli wrote that, if you have to do something nasty and unpleasant, do it all at once. Then you will suffer bad publicity for only one action, no matter how bloody and horrific, than for a series of lesser actions. The so-called international community’s criticism of Israel for limited retaliation for the recent outbreak of terrorist violence is a prime example. Since Israel is going to suffer the bad publicity anyway, it may as well flatten Gaza and end the Hamas problem forever. 

It is to be remembered that the Allies had to kill one out of every ten Germans, including civilian as well as military personnel, to end Nazism. 






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