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On February first, which is in the Hebrew calendar 19 Shvat, the Jewish
journalist Daniel Pearl, may God avenge his blood, was beheaded and cut in
10 pieces in Pakistan. We are now ten years after, 2002-2012.



The Islamic terrorists who beheaded Daniel Pearl said it was to avenge the death of Muhammad Al Durah. But it was proved that Al Durah was never killed by Tsahal, according to Philippe Karsenty and ballistic analysis.

The French Jew Charles Enderlin from the TV France 2 did a falsification with an Arab cameraman, and the French Justice decided that Karsenty is right. Tsahal did not kill Al Durah. Is TV France 2 responsible for the assassination of Daniel Pearl, and the beginning of the Temple Mount war in 2000,  called Intifada Al Aksah?

This is the video clip we did on Israel Television , during a TV show
called Who Killed Daniel Pearl ? The next Jerusalem Folk Club will take
place on February 23 , 19h30, Thursday before Rosh Chodesh Adar, in
Kehati15, 7TH FLOOR, Givat Shaul. Infos 0545999228

With the guest star Yossef Asaiag, and the local band, L O D , initials of
Lumbroso, Orbach, Dray. Piano Jazz, drums, guitars, harmonica, and a little
surprise. You know we read in a French newspaper that “ Ben Gurion airport
in Lod is in occupied territories” . We decided to do something for Ben
Gurion and the city of Lod, and named our band Lod, which is also an
invitation to travel…

Also, the very first Jerusalem Folk Club special Daniel Pearl was organized
in 2002 by Larry Gamliel Z”L at the biblical zoo and this is the first time
the legendary Larry Rosenfeld saw us. It was The Kleyzmerettes, a woman band
playing Klezmer. And the Klezmerettes will be there also.
Ten years after!

Contact <>

Le premier fevrier 2002, qui est dans le calendrier Hebreu 19 Chvat, le
journaliste Juif Americain Daniel Pearl fut decapite puis coupe en 10
morceaux par des barbares islamiques pakistanais ( qui sont dans une prison
americaine). Au moment ou ils ont commis cet acte bestial, ils ont rappelle
que c’etait pour venger la « mort » du petit Muhammad Al-Durah.



Israel TV : Jerusalem belongs only to G-D! with Neil Young


Jerusalem et l'Eternel avec Chagal


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